Drawing the destiny of mankind?

Thai children with NMD could well be providing an advance glimpse into the future of evolution and the consequences of our sedentary lifestyle, a preview perhaps of our human destiny in a future brain dominated society.

The condition of these children is not the result of passing ages but is caused by a devastating ‘rogue’ gene which, it is not too difficult to imagine, has somehow come back from the future. Our future!

Watching young M……….. at work in her studio drawing and painting unbelievably beautiful works of art for her first national exhibition, seeing, her moving almost effortlessly around the studio mixing the necessary tertiary colours and tints, completely engrossed in her amazingly creative activity, apparently without distraction other than the beat of the latest hits through her ear phones, is indeed a sight to behold. The resultant, heartfelt emotions welling up in me were initially a mix of sympathetic empathy and incredibility. I have rarely been so impressed.

M………. was diagnosed as having neuromuscular disease when she was only 5 years old. Somehow messages from her brain were no longer reaching the muscles in her legs. Without use, her muscles withered and died. M……. is one of an estimated 1,300 and growing number of children with NMD in Thailand. To say she is fortunate of, course would be crazy, but she is lucky to have loving parents who have ensured she has received the best care and medical attention.

They were also secure enough financially to provide her with a state of the art electric wheel chair which gave her independence of movement and the necessary self belief to get going and compete in the world.

F)E)N)D) Foundation to Eradicate Neuromuscular Disease wants to give all  such afflicted children the same ability to move and use their excellent brains to excel.

The not too distant future may see all of humanity chair bound, unable to move without robotic  assistance. We have already developed driver-less cars, robot housemaids and flying drones, computer games have replaced sporting activity. Will one day the elite look down on those who need to move?  Certainly there are already signs indicating that folks will do everything to avoid physical effort. The emphasis of business appears to be inventing tools to indulge our sloth like mentality, machines to dispel the need for us, healthy folks, to make any effort to move.

In future we could all be bodily floppy and mentally supreme. Brain power will definitely be the driving fuel for all of us. The difference being, is that for generations in the not too distant future, innovation and evolution will have prepared us for an exclusively brain dominant society.

Today these children with Neuromuscular Diseases, herald angels of a future world, need all the help we can provide. If we can give them advanced movement assistance equipment, a true sense of  independence and personal achievement then, perhaps their abilities and accomplishments will surpass our wildest expectations.

Most of our little NMD Angel’s families are not independently wealthy. They require help, some desperately, even to breath, to walk, to wheel, to be lifted, to communicate, to be educated, to be happy.

Of course the best possible outcome would be to find a cure for NMD and doctors here in Thailand are helping in the search to solve this genetic mystery. For now research, testing, treatment, care, necessary equipment, education and professional nursing all require financing.

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John Lenaghan Chairman FEND Foundation