Take one step for a child with NMD.

When a seemingly healthy child, an energetic, intelligent toddler, the apple of his adoring parent’s eye, suddenly seems to lose the joy of boisterous play, stumbles more than average, prefers to stay still and retreats into silent solitude, such weakness is unnatural.   A trip to the doctor is definitely in order. In most cases it is a simple childhood malady with a quick cure and a speedy return to complete, mischievous health.

For some families in Thailand every year, it is the beginning of heartache, shattered dreams and a life of servitude. They are informed that their child has contracted, probably  genetically, a progressive neuromuscular disease that will ultimately result in total lack of movement and for which, as yet, there is no cure.

Thailand is not equipped, financially, technically or professionally to deal with such a host of patients. Currently there are but two (!) fully qualified doctors specialising in this complex field of medicine.

Many desperate families withdraw their children from school and conceal them at home. There they remain denied of friendships and education. Their wonderful healthy minds locked in a weak, muscle withering body until they expire. Can you imagine anything more frustrating than a perfectly healthy young brain demanding movement but getting no response because the muscles never get the message?

F)E)N)D)’s immediate aim is to bring these ‘lost’ children out of their dark loneliness and provide them with the care and education needs they deserve. You can help!

They need mobility equipment, from special footwear and leg braces, to motorized wheelchairs. They need the joy of friendships and laughter. Perhaps more than that, they need to believe they are worthwhile and deserve a future in which they are able to enjoy the things we all take for granted – movement- sport – sex – a career – a normal life.

F)E)N)D) aims to provide this vital countrywide communication and care. You can help.

F)E)N)D) will also raise money through sponsors to:

  • provide scholarships for young Thai doctors to specialise in NMD (Neuromuscular Diseases).
  • pay for the essential testing of all would-be parents considered at risk of being a carrier
  • fund ongoing, globally integrated research here in Thailand to help find a cure.

With your helpful generosity we can make enormous strides to help the most unfortunate of all Thai children. Let’s eradicate Neuromuscular Disease together forever.  The children are patiently waiting…They can’t go anywhere until we provide the power.

So take one giant step for a child with NMD and Make an Angel Smile!

Send your donation to F)E)N)D) foundation to Eradicate Neuromuscular Diseases.